A full-service consulting agency for everyone looking to create a better world. 


Lauren A. Burke (LAB) is a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, an Echoing Green and Skadden Fellow, a social change writer and speaker, a former professor and attorney and non profit founder. 


Never one to accept things as they were given  - she held her first protest at the age of eight - Lauren's goal in life is to break as many barriers for as many people as possible. Grounded in social justice theory, informed by communities, and emboldened by the knowledge that change is possible, Lauren believes we each have a unique role to play in creating a more equitable and inclusive humanity and she loves working with people and making connections through her network to make it happen. 


It's time for changing, and saving, the world to become a group project. It's Possible. Let's Do This. 



  • A right-hand woman and thought partner whose been through it all;

  • For Executive Directors, Founders, and Development Staff;

  • In-person in Western Massachusetts or virtually from everywhere;


  • A focus on whole person and a belief in unlocking our vulneragoues potential; 

  • Experience with student groups, social entrepreneurs, and staff retreats, with groups from five to one-fifty;

  • Assisted facilitation or entire program management. 


  • Bringing creativity, tangible outcomes, and a hands on approach; 

  • Specialities in fundraising, messaging, and strategic planning;

  • In-person or online, for sustained classes or one-time engagements.


  • A rich life experience, social justice background, infused with humor and truth; 

  • Keynotes and panels, as well as panel facilitation;

  • Auctioneering and fundraising at your gala or event!


“As a new Executive Director facing a steep learning curve, I needed help with many things, including creating a strategic vision, communicating with my staff, and engaging my board. My time with Lauren has been transformative. She gives you the space to talk and address your concerns, but also leaves you with actionable advice and tools..”


-Aaron Clark-Rizzio, Executive Director, Louisiana Center for Children's Rights

Clients Include

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let's do this