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Everything* I've Ever Made. 
For Free.**


Your Nonprofit Starter Kit

While I pause my consulting work for a bit and focus on what comes next, (hint, it involves combining The Possible LAB with Notehouse), I wanted to ensure folx have access to my materials in case they prove useful. 

*Ok, it's maybe not *everything* I've ever made, but it's a whole lot of templates I've poured time and energy into.

**And while it IS free I AM going to step out of my comfort zone for a second and ask for your support. 

IF (and only if) you find (or ever found) a resource (or the resources) useful, and IF (and only if) you're in a comfortable enough financial situation where doing so wouldn't hurt...

Feel free to venmo me five bucks for a cup of coffee! Or for a new headshot. I need one! I really appreciate it and you have no idea how it helps. 

As for what's to come....stay tuned....

Please Note:

These materials may only be available for a limited time. I strongly encourage you to make a copy for your own use! Really! It's nice if you credit me (feel free to email me at for my logo) but I care most about supporting your important work in the world. (You know, thus why I haven't yet figured out how to make the whole earning-enough-while-consulting thing.)

General Resources




Hiring and Onboarding

Getting to Know You/Team Building




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