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I’ve designed hiring processes for dozens of roles and overseen hiring key team members for many organizations as both an internal staff member and an external consultant. My hiring process is tailored to your needs, designed with equity at the forefront, and considers candidates well being as paramount. I charge 10% of the annual salary and here’s what it includes: 


  • A kickoff meeting to clarify the role(s) at hand, ask probing questions you may not have considered and refine your idea of what makes the ideal candidate;

  • Creating a compelling job description and overseeing posting on a wide variety of platforms, ensuring a wide array of job seekers will land eyes on your role;

  • Overseeing a seamless multi-step process whereby we will efficiently, humanly, and equitably bring the larger pool to 3-5 top candidates for your leadership to consider. This often includes my initial interviewing of first-round applicants to save you time; 

  • Drafting an offer letter and overseeing negotiations;

  • Designing an onboarding process to ensure an incredible foundation is built from which you can do your work! 


What a candidate I worked with said: "The process of applying to and interviewing for jobs has been quite alienating, and at times even a bit dehumanizing; my conversations with you were a rare oasis of joy and growth within that landscape. While the decision is of course disappointing, I remain very grateful for those exchanges."

If you’re an org that is growing, you may find yourself in a position of adding positions without a clear plan as to how they integrate into the whole. You may find yourself at a point where everyone’s job kind of mushes into everyone else’s, people have picked up responsibilities due to scarcity, or you may have incredible team members who simply aren’t in the right job fit.  Or perhaps you’re ready for growth and just want to be sure you do so with extreme intensity to avoid these problems in the future. I’ve designed a process of “zooming out” your institutions' organizational chart to create a clear path that will enable you to better articulate your vision to donors, staff, and your board alike. Whether you’re planning on doubling in size in the next few years or are a tiny team looking to make your first key hire, let me work with you on clarifying roles, and designing a 1, 3 and 5 year org chart that you can grow into. This process is 1% of your organization's annual budget and includes: 


  • Meeting with key leadership to determine the needs of your organization as it comes to staffing, employees, and roles and goals; 

  • Reviewing your current org chart, clarifying issues of employee overlap, effectiveness, and satisfaction, and refining (or recreating) your current structure; 

  • Developing an aspirational three and five-year org chart to clearly show pathways forward to use with stakeholders (including donors! How amazing is it to be able to say “why yes with an additional $250,000 for staffing we do know exactly where we would put it.) 

  • Assisting you in the presentation of the chart to constituents including staff and board. 


Please note - this could also include meeting with EVERY member of your team to revisit their job descriptions and making tailored suggestions on how to increase employee job satisfaction and clarity. I actually love doing this and have an entire methodology around this as well. 


What clients say: “I admit, I didn’t understand necessarily where you were going but this has already been so useful and it’s only been a few weeks. (Name of staff member) has stated how helpful it is for her to see where she can grow into on the team and I used it during a funder meeting last week. Thank you!” 

2022 is almost over - do you know where your 2023 budget is coming from? Let me use the tools at my disposal (including paid access to various foundation databases) and get you a list of OPEN grant opportunities that you are ELIGIBLE to apply for within the next 12 months. This is a flat $500 for up to 10 grants that are new to you and you can apply for now. 

I call myself a Chief of Staff coach because I’m not just about listening and advising; when appropriate I give and suggest tangible tools and effective behavior changes that can be made. I have worked with as a Chief of Staff coach with newly founded nonprofits and well-established institutions and provide a nonjudgemental, action-oriented and equity-driven ear to discuss anything from management to fundraising, program troubleshooting, donor engagement and more. Running an organization is hard and isolating but you don’t have to be alone! Prices are an hourly sliding scale that can be found here. 

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