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Did you know that a failure to list prices, rates, and salary lines upfront has been shown to disproportionately harm systemically marginalized groups? I place huge value in transparency and authenticity so here we go!


For systemically marginalized founders of nonprofits and hybrids whose anticipated revenue does not exceed $250k/year.


For founders of all company types whose annual revenue projections are under $1,000,000.


For nonprofits, B corporations, and hybrid models whose revenue exceeds $1 million per year.


For corporations and charitable wings of for-profit entities whose revenue exceeds $1 millon per year.

$1,000/ WORKSHOP

A virtual presentation of my signature workshop, 10 Ways to $100K, including follow-up resource guides tailored to your constituents.


Starting day rate for in-person events, auctioneering fundraisers, mentoring retreats, and other events.


Starting rate for consulting projects, designing in-person experiences, and delivering keynote speeches.


If you know I'm the right fit for your institution but are unsure about the price, contact me! I'm flexible based on mission, am always down to barter, and never believe in a closed door!

"If it's inaccessible to the poor, it is neither radical nor revolutionary." Source unknown.
I offer services free-of-charge through a variety of volunteer projects and partner agencies.

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